The Transasia vs. Leonardo
lawsuit case


What is this all about?

A story of corporate greed, of how your name and identity may become a global market commodity --a trademark--, of SLAPPs and other unpleasant things that might happen to you as well ...


Will you remain silent?

Although silence is an offspring of wisdom, there are cases where you must choose to speak, to act and to support your neighbor in this global village by all available means...


...and what about the Media?

See what the media say about this and other similar cases...




If they take your name, who will you be? What is the value of your name in those difficult times?

Write a word on the wall.

Even if you remain anonymous, your images and your words will be there, baring witness to your feelings...


Breaking news

November 20, 2000

Today's hearing at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nanterre has been postponed, as Transasia claimed that they were not ready yet to present their arguments. There will be a new procedural hearing on December 7, 2000 for setting a new trial date, probably in January 2001.

November 16, 2000

The hearing of the Leonardo Lawsuit is on Monday, November 20th at 3 PM, at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nanterre. More...

November 15, 2000

This year's ART TOPOS stand in ART ATHINA 8 '2000, which will be held in Athens on November 23 to 27, will be dedicated to the promotion of Leonardo's case. We are planning a series of on-line and live events during this art fair. More...

October 15, 2000

A Leonardo Press Conference will be held during ISEA 2000, on Friday, December 8th, from 6:15 PM at the Forum des Images, Forum des Halles, Paris, Salle 100. More...


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