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Other important fine art events
from June '95 to June '96

Our circumnavigation starts in June '95. We consider as a milestone marking the end of the winter conjectural period, the 3rd Contemporary Art Fair ART ATHINA 3 '95, from May 9 to May 14 1995. This event was also aiming to honour the contribution of the historic Ora Art Gallery.
1995 was the centennial of the birth of the painter and hagiographer Fotis Kontoglou, the refugee from Asia Minor who is considered as the "father of the '30s generation": He was the patriarch of a generation of artists who were seeking the Greek character within their work through the return to our cultural roots.

Yannis Psychopedis' work has been exhibited in Berlin, in a retrospective exhibition at the Macedonian Museum of Contempoorary Art in Thessaloniki, and in Zoumboulakis Art Gallery in Athens, where some newer works were displayed.
Brussels and Berlin are two cities that constitute reference points in the thematic universe of Yannis Psychopedis, a Greek painter with international presence, who recently was named professor of the Athens Fine Arts School. He has lived in these two cities through remarkable historic periods: in Brussels, at the moment when the city started to vibrate to the rhythm of the newly born European Union; in Berlin, just before the Fall of the Wall.
The personal plastic language of Yannis Psychopedis is an idiom of New Realism, but the entirety of his work shows much more complex processes than the ones described by any «-ism». An attentive look at his work unveils the genes of many assimilated art movements and waves, similar to an underground reference to selected moments of Art History.

But, of course comics is a form of art! It expresses specific cultural characteristics of the industrial era. This is why the 3rd Hellenic Comics Exhibition (June 9 to July 9 1995) at Mylos Art Gallery in Thessaloniki was a fine arts event.

Nicos Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas
The house of Nicos Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas (1906-1994) has been inaugurated as a new museum. This was the first exhibition of his works after his death. These works belong to the same thematic group, inspired by Greek antiquity. This exhibition has also been displayed in Thessaloniki during the 30th Dimitria Festival, at the Yeni Tzami art gallery.
The Venice Biennale (June 11 - October 15 1995) was celebrating its centennial. Greece was represented by the sculptor Takis, while curator of the Greek participation was the art critic Maria Maragou. The younger generation of artists was represented by Eugenia Apostolou, Yorgos Gyparakis and Nakis Tassioglou in the parallel show, known also as "apperto". A floating work by Costas Varotsos was also displayed.
We had also the independent participation of George Zongolopoulos with a sculpture that obtained favourable critiques.
Venice Biennale
An important exhibition of Costis (Triandaphyllou) and his "lightning" took place at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, within the framework of the 1995 Thessaloniki International Fair. Within the same year, Costis also exhibited at the Maison de la Culture de la Loire Atlantique in Nantes, France and one of his 3 meter height sculptures was displayed at the Espace Energie exhibition in La Villette, Paris.

In October '95, within the framework of the Dimitria festival, a retrospective exhibition of Spyros Vasiliou' works (1902-1985) took place in Thessaloniki, to commemorate 10 years from his death. Vasiliou was mainly inspired by the old romantic city of Athens.

Some paintings from the Swindon collection («British painters of the 20th century») were exhibited in 1995 at the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens.

A small exhibition of photos, montages, letters and texts of Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971), leading figure of the Dada movement in Berlin, took place at the Goethe Intitute in Athens.

During summer '95, an exhibition was held at the Kydonieus Foundation in Andros island with the Aeolian signal of Takis and some works of Costas Tsoclis within the thematic exhibition "Sailings", inspired by the island character of Andros.

Paintings and etching works of Alecos Fasianos from the D. Pierides collection were displayed in August '95 at the Cyclades' Gallery in Hermoupolis, Syros island.
Alecos Fasianos was born in Athens in 1935. He is one of the most important Greek contemporary artists with international presence. He studied in Athens and Paris. He draws his inspiration from Greek Tradition and has created his own individual characteristic style of painting. Works of his can be found at the Modern Art Museum, in Paris, at the Bordeaux Museum of Art, at the National Gallery in Athens and in many private collections.

The big cinematographic posters of the Hellaffi Collection were initially exhibited in Athens, until the end of May '95 —within the framework of the festivities on the centennial of Cinema— and then moved to the «Mostra» in Venice, Italy, at the St. Apollonia church where they were displayed until September 21, 1995.
This kind of cinematographic poster art flourished in the big cities of Greece from the middle of the fifties until the middle of the seventies. Its main representatives are S. Almaliotis, G. Vakirtzis, N. Andreakos, C. and G. Couzounis, and others.
This art was the colourful ancestor of the mechanically produced poster and its role was that of the «town crier», advertising the week's cinematographic event. As a painting form, it can be listed within the many branches of Pop Art: its thematic content, as well as its technique, belong to those we use to call "Mass Culture", commented and served by Pop Art.
And God created...

By the end of January '96, an exhibition of sculptures using video created by the Cypriot sculptor Theodoulos took place at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center.

Graffiti... An action-intervention in the City: within the context of the festivities for its 600 issues, Anti political and cultural review has presented young artists, art, music bands, clowns and theatrical happenings in the streets, along with "tag" graffiti: the problems of the city and its culture, of the urban landscape and the art of the street became —with multicolor spray— a tag on the iron-sheet fences of the metro works; its title: "Attack the Grey in the City"; its slogan: Let's get our space back form the public works' contractors".

«Cyprus: 9000 years of civilisation» was the title of an exhibition that has been on display since March '96 at the Greek Parliament. It has two thematic series: the first comprises of archeological findings and works of the Byzantine period, while the second presents documents from the Cypriot Liberation struggle of EOKA.

An exhibition of Juan Munoz' works took place at the Jean Bernier Art Gallery in Athens.

One of the existing two series of 24 folk art paintings iconographed by Panagiotis Zografos and his sons as «dictated» by General Makriyannis, after a thorough restoration, were again displayed at the Genadios Library in Athens. The theme of these paintings was the narration of some events of the Greek National Liberation Revolution in 1821.

Very few but representative works of Yannis Moralis were exhibited at the Athens' Academy of Sciences in 1996. An important characteristic of this exhibition was the summary presentation of the fast and confident steps of the artist from Realism to Abstraction and to geometric art.
Yannis Moralis (born in 1922) is considered one of the most eminent Greek artists of this century. He studied in Athens, Rome and Paris. From 1947 to 1983 he was professor of painting at the Athens' Fine Arts School. He has presented his works in many one-man exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
Yannis Moralis: Epitymbion E'
Yannis Moralis: Epitymbion E', 1963

And the younger generation of artists...
(In alphabetical order)

Argyroheliopoulou Annita:
Sculptures under the title «The Gender» at the Medusa +1 art gallery.

Vousouras Andreas:
Installation «Noman» at the THEMA art gallery and in the Skironion Museum Biennial Exhibition.

Gyparakis Yorgos
Installations with industrial materials and neon light at the Medusa +1 art gallery.
Other exhibitions: 5th Biennale of Young Artists from Mediterranean Countries in Marseille (1990), "Medusa +1" art gallery (1994), Aperto of Venice Biennale (1995).

Cana Katerina and Olympios Marina:
«Europe, an History of Art» at the «Ileana Tounta Center of Contemporary Art».

Papadimitriou Angelos:
COnstructions at the «Nees Morfes» art gallery.

Ploumistos Stamatis:
Space installations, maiking use of video, at the «Kreonides» art gallery.

Santorianeos Manthos:
Video installations under the title "Crash" at the «Ileana Tounta Center of Contemporary Art».

Tassioglou Nakis:
Installations from Plexiglass, Metal and Light at the «Medusa» art gallery.
Other exhibitions: «Medusa» art gallery (Athens 1987), Gallery Artista (Rome 1989), Gallery T.K.G. (Trieste 1990), «Medusa» and «Medusa +1» art galleries (Athens 1991), 12th Paris Bienniale, 4th and 5th International Sculpture Biennale, Skironion Museum Bennale in Greece and "Aperto" at the Venice Biennale, 1995.

Tounta Sofia:
Installation under the title "Peel" at the «3» art gallery.

Chandris Pantelis:
Mixed technique wall composition «Notes on the Blackboard» and an installation at «Kreonides» art gallery.


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