From the exhibition at Thema Gallery


Two texts by Pierre Restany on Costis's work:
The electric Non-Being (available also in French and German)
A critical note for Costis' exhibition "Foudre, Keravnos, Lightning" at J. et J. Donguy art gallery in Paris, February 1992

The electric field and its secret (available also in French and German)
A text for Costis' exhibition at Espace Electra in Paris, October 1994
Energy at work
A critical presentation of Costis' exhibition in THEMA art gallery by Anna Hatziyannaki
Biography, ergography, publications
Art automata
Some thoughts on the attempt to present Costis' work on INTERNET by Dimitris Scoufis
The exhibits
Costis' works and videos on his works, organized in three virtual rooms: works in static images, Java animated works and video clips.
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