For this issue of ART TOPOS have contributed:

Anna Hatziyiannaki, as the curator of the exhibits.

Dimitris Scoufis for the design of the Web pages and the integration of animations.

Vassilis Ballas for image editing and graphics creation.

Sheila Conroy for the review and correction of texts in English language.

Andrea Gilbert for the translation of some Greek texts in English language.

The material for this issue was collected from:

The catalog of Costis' exhibition Electric Field at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaliniki.

The video of Manthos Santorinaios on the work of Costis.

The video and acoustic material created by Guillaume Loizillon under the title "Ritual of the Lightning".

The video of N. Giannopoulos under the title "Costis: from Im-pressions".

Many thanks also to:

COMPULINK for its kind sponsoring and technical assistance.
And, namely, to Ilias Manesiotis ( and Nasos Klonaris ( for their assistance.

Steve Fu for the Java applet we used to animate Costis' works