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Andreas Angelidakis

Andrea's Angelidakis work combines architecture, sculpture and the web. He is one of the Electronic Orphanage and NEEN international movement's founders. He has designed the NEEN WORLD as a "3D virtual reality community where artists discuss the future".

Eileen Botsford

Eileen Botsford is the Founder and Creative Director of EBnefsi Design, a multidisciplinary public art collaborative based in London. Eileen holds a BA Hons in Design and Public Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design and a MFA in Theatre Design from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Eileen works as a public artist throughout Europe, as a VJ (Visual Jockey) for various venues, and as a web designer. Recent Net Art projects include 'The Journey' which is viewable on restricted times and by application at

In the last visual art work of Kostas Daflos , Bodysmaze/ Cibo _05 which consists a machine for the production of virtual spaces , the specific site of the interactive installation reinforces the tangible urban public space . The human action is being captured by a web camera, which activates a programmed robot -unit and produces a thermoelectric, -liquid nebula environment, as an interface, which is the medium for the projection and the intermediary in the communication of our visual experience with the technological platform of the personal computer. In his former visual artworks as in Cipo _03, and its genuine descendant muscle- skeleton Cipo _04, he focused his research on visual plasticity, video-installations and interactive real environments, co-existing automatic intelligence' robotic objects with human beings and communicating via web cameras . His artworks expand the real space in the World Wide Web.
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Yessios Yiannis

Technology artist who looks at how society chooses to mediate reality through the use of a variety of technologies. He lives in Cleveland, OH and teaches in the Technology Integrated Media Environment (TIME) major at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Samples of his work are the Anaxron and Homo Indicium

Leoudakis Zoe is a website that investigates fears and nightmares. Other work of Zoe is the 'Penelopeia Project' that attempts to track the trajectory of the daily lives of two women artists, who do not know each other, but who through the use of technology will be exchanging bits and pieces of information about each other's life.

Economos Nicolas

Nicholas Economos is a digital media artist and educator living in rural Western New York, visiting professor at the Institute for Electronic Arts in Alfred, New York. A sample of his work with sound is daybreak hosted at Drunken Boat,

Angelo Plessas

Angelo Plessas work is part of a new generation of artists that use technology and the internet as their artistic tools, without making what is invariably called technological art, net art or new media. Instead this new generation makes art that sometimes is about the everyday reality of computer technology as much as it is about a new, computer related abstract poetry. Plessas uses websites not as places of information but as places where we can imagine meaning and experience objects. He uses the domain name as both the title of each piece and its web address. Since 2001 he is one of the basic members of ΝΕΕΝ.

Makis Faros

Artist's statement for minefield: "The mine is a trap. Traps and their governing principles are: The trap of desire which is based on the imagination; on the achievement of an identification/resemblance with the image of the enemy, at the sight of which the enemy feels secure and satisfied. The trap of hunger through which the enemy is presented with the (secret or open) object of his desire. The trap of strength or motion, for which, following a correct estimation of the enemy's strength, we devise a special mechanism and select the appropriate location that the enemy will "accidentally" cross. The mine mainly, but not exclusively, belongs to this category and in our opinion a combination is absolutely necessary." Makis Faros has also made the X-Party, Data Entry, Bubbles in the landscape and Towards a new greenworld with the cooperation of Eva Mihalaki and Joyce Charis. (please wait until works are fully loaded)

Dimitrios Fotiou

Dimitris Fotiou aims to combine sculpture and web. He sees internet as a public space where artists can place their works. He is the creator of DWG | Dirty Works Greece website. Unfortunately this website is not available anymore in public under his lawyer advice. More information about this work, also about other projects are available here. Another work is No More Questions which is referring to the online communication made possible by the the use of webcams, chatrooms and voice conferences. Its aim is to point out the "user's" reaction in front of a webcam or his behaviour inside a chat room or a voice conference.

Greg Giannis

New Media artist who has exhibited in Australia and worldwide. Artist's statement: "The Journeys work is about the migrant experience, using my family as a case study."

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