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The Russian Avant-Garde

The G. Costakis Collection

The top ranking past year's fine arts event was the "Russian Avant-Garde" exhibition with works of the G. Costakis Collection that took place at the National Gallery in Athens, from December 6 1995 to April 8 1996. Almost all oeuvres of the Costakis Collection were gathered from various museums and private collections to be displayed together in one single exhibition. Most of the works were provided by the Costakis family and the Moscow Tretiakov Gallery.

The National Gallery, copyright owner of the exhibition's catalog, has not permitted ART TOPOS to use an excerpt of the excellent study written by the exhibition's curator Dr. Anna Kafetsi.

So, ART TOPOS has been obliged to use an article by Anna Hatziyannaki, published in the Athens' newspaper "Typos tis Kyriakis" just before the opening of the exhibition.

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