by Despina Meimaroglou

from the Portalakis Collection

"Despina Meimaroglou watches on a small family screen, reads the international press and logs onto the Internet. She collects information and clippings, organizing an archive that she works on later. Acting as a collector of these lightning-fast images, which she later processes and transforms, she writes her own narrative, basing it as faithfully as possible on the content, not the terminology, of the reportage. The distance from the events themselves necessarily organizes the work so that it emerges effortlessly, without the turbulence of emotional overload, making the "accusation" authoritative, freed of any personal involvement."

Maria Marangou
Art Critic, Directory of the Contemporary Art Centre of Rethymnon

"Meimaroglou is one of those artists who have opposed the rationalism of the Enlightenment, the classical notion of good and all kinds of formalism, and who search for solutions to the most vital issues, such as pain, horror, dreams, evil, ugliness and death."

Zacharias Portalakis

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