With particular delight and emotion I salute the historic retrospective exhibition dedicated to the great Greek-American artist, Theodoros Stamos.

Delight because private initiative serves the cultural foundation of our country as a form of social awareness, and emotion because I am thus given the opportunity to participate in the realization of this exhibition, to honor, to the limits of my abilities, the ARTIST, the GREEK and my FRIEND, Theodoros Stamos. A figure of exceptional spirituality in the Abstract Movement.

I feel fortunate that I managed to share several years of my life with the Life, and friendship of Theodoros Stamos. A person who had ART and GREECE rooted in his soul.

His entire oeuvre is one deep maditation and at the same time marks a revolution in terms of the war. A symbolic work, codified, full of sentiment, and profound spirituality, firmly rooted in human values, with equilibrium in form and color and all this densely packed into the Infinity Fields and the Spiritual Horizons.

Today Stamos has bequeathed to us a rich heritage, when viewed from the cultural perspective, which behooves us to act with the corresponding emotion and responsibility. Both Greece and Greeks feel proud of this first and historic retrospective exhibition of Theodoros Stamos.

I congratulate the National Gallery for the organization of this historic exhibition and send a great thank you to my Friend Theodoros Stamos for all that he is now offering us through his work and from his soul.

Zacharias G. Portalakis
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Member of the Athens Stock Exchange
Managing Director

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