Born: February 8, 1950 in Athens, Greece

University Studies

1968-1972: University of Athens, Department of Economics and Political Science.
1972-1976: University of Paris VII, Licence et Maitrise in Cinematography and Audio-Visual Studies; UER in Cinema and Visual Arts, Licence de Philosophie.

Terminated his studies at the level of Doctorat d’etat under J.F. Lyotard.

University Projects and Employment

1974: Educational adviser to seminar on the image and the cinema.
1974 - 1976: Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Paris VIII, UER in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

Διεθνείς Συναντήσεις

1987: Seminar on the subject "What makes the Vienna of 1900 a cultural capital?" Schloss Leopoldskron, Saltzburg, Austria. Grant from the A.S. Onassis Foundation.
1989: 2nd International Fine Arts Forum, European Cultural Centre of Delphi.




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