Illegal Machines
Organized by ARTOPOS
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David Crawford | cv

The "Stop Motion Studies" extend my long-standing interest in narrative and, in particular, look at the subway as a stage upon which social dynamics and individual behavior are increasingly mediated by digital technology. As one of the most vibrant and egalitarian networks in our cities, subways bring people from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds into close contact with each other. This process plays a significant role in shaping both the character of a city as well as our individual identities.

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Ursula Endlicher | cv

"Famous For One Spam" explores the flow of incoming spam e-mail and juxtaposes both the content and the "fake identity" of the sender with the "real" person and their life found online. What characterizes a person online? What defines identity online? This work is another attempt for me to raise these questions, while dealing with an "intrusive" phenomenon such as spam e-mail and transferring its rather "straining" quality into a theatrical, enjoyable play of characters, which, when played daily, might release some anger in a frustrated e-mail user.

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Robert Praxmarer | cv

it's a website that introduces a company which sells software to condition kids while playing computer games. the software really exists (we programmed it) and works (not sure if it conditions someone, it gives me a headache after a while) but it is just an art project I never would sell something like this.

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Chris Reilly | cv

Chris Reilly is a prominent Chicago-based visual artist who has established a successful artistic practice that relies on the exclusive use of found images and photographs. Many of these images come from unauthorized or copyrighted sources.
While there has been no litigation thus far against Chris Reilly or any of his artwork, the Don't Sue Chris Reilly Campaign feels that, considering the current legal and political climates, there is a threat significant enough to warrant preemptive action.
Through a comprehensive public-relations blitzkrieg of advertisement, press releases, and direct contact with potential plaintiffs, the DSCR Campaign has managed to stave off the impending flood of litigation against Chris Reilly...for now.

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Dimitrios Fotiou | cv

DWG is the official website of a virtual company who offers jobs in the public sector of Greece using the "Greek" way.
Dimitrios Fotiou has been arrested by Greek justice and he was accused that he was earning money by the order form included at the website, while the form was completely inactive. The site is currently unavailable under the lawyer's advices.

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Ellen Jantzen | cv

This work features “hybrid” flower forms
The natural world has inspired me to explore issues of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) with their creation of Chimera-like new life forms and the provocative idea of “Intelligent Design” with it’s slant on evolution being designed by a creator. I use these features of modifying and design to create new imagery. Along with my
interest in nature, I find the digital world of computer technology compelling and am drawn to the juxtaposition of its reality with the natural world.
This new work sometimes entails site specific photography where I stage arrangements of natural organisms (specifically flowers) with either man-made or other natural elements. I take digital photographs of these ephemeral assemblages, then using my computer I create my hybrid forms. Working digitally with my computer allows me to see in new ways; it allows me to be surprised by the outcome and the possibilities.

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Eileen Botsford | cv

‘The Journey’, is a 'site specific web site' and interactive installation interpreting the journey of life.
"I sat and thought about all the different emotions and stages and paths and situations life offers us. And the only ones I could develop visually where the ones I knew in my own life.
So maybe this piece is biased. But I did look inside myself, and I did give all I could at this point at my life, for this situation.
I do believe that at some point, we all feel certain situations, it’s just that we all feel them in different levels of intensity.
This tree, to me is The Journey. Each branch is a choice, path, situation, experience, emotion, you choose to take or feel in your life. In life we are only going forward. And so the branches you choose will only take you forward.
I see us as souls, which carry our body, our vehicle, through life, plunging it into feeling and sensing life.
Throughout this, I have found joy in misery and ultimate misery in joy. Understanding that emotions coexist and survive because of each other is a way of understanding the present.
Being present in time is rarely a conscious state. But when you do experience being present in the moment, all falls into place. In it’s own way, in a way words will never express, it all makes sense. So through visuals, I have tried to express the feeling of being present, and engaging with that feeling fully, without judging the situation.
To me, this is my explanation of our Journey. Maybe tomorrow I will have another explanation. As long as I have the privilege to visualize it, then I consider myself a lucky person.”

The showing of 'The Journey' in the context of ’illegal machines’ is an attempt to break the boundaries between private and public space, an attempt to express most intimate situations in one of the most public mediums, an attempt to expose the artist and highlight their unconditional contribution to the online world and how much more they are giving than they have been taking back from it.

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Christina-Kay Velissaropoulou-Botsford | cv

How to kill a net artist? Tie his hands and stop him from creating. In that way you are destroying his mind, you are destroying the birth of his work.
The hands with which he creates, the soul tools for the materialisation of his imagination, the means to produce.
How can one want to tie his hands ?
Why so much fright towards the birth of a creation?
The artist lives to create and every intentional obstacle during the materialisation of his work has a reflection on his spirit, his soul.
I can’t see such actions and scenes of disrespect happening between humans!

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