"(The icon) participates in the holiness of its subject because it is identified with it in terms of essence, even if it differs in terms of hypostasis."

P.A. Mihelis (1926-1969) «An Aesthetic Appreciation of Byzantine Art»

1. Nativity
Madonna on throne
2. Madonna on throne
3. Mirofores

St. George
4. St. George
St. Nicolas
5. St. Nicolas

Madonna tenderly kissing
6. Madonna tenderly kissing
Madonna of Passion
7. Madonna of Passion
Madonna Hodegetria
8. Madonna Hodegetria

St. George
9. St. George
Tenderly kissing Virgin Mary
10. Tenderly kissing Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary Hodegetria
11. Virgin Mary Hodegetria

Christ Pantokrator
12. Christ Pantokrator
13. Trinity

St. George
14. St. George
Madonna blue
15. Madonna blue
Madonna tenderly kissing
16. Madonna tenderly kissing

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